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24-Hour Crisis Line toll free at 800-236-4325


Assistance with the courts and social services, emergency medical support response.


Case management services for child witnesses of domestic abuse. Youth support groups and youth anger management groups. School and community presentations.


Guidance with community agencies/resources to assist with long-term change/support.


16 apartments available to all families meeting income guidelines joined with a transitional living program. For more information, please see below.



Safe, comfortable living environment where shelter, food, clothing, and options counseling are provided. Please see shelter tab for more information.


Short-term walk-in counseling for support and problem solving.


Presentations to educate and sensitize the public, in-service training for professionals.


Safe, confidential support groups on many different topics.


Offering services tailored to each schools specific needs. Providing support groups, one-on-one support for students and/or staff, presentations, and teacher in-service presentations. See below for more information.



Training for crisis line/shelter staffing, child care, fund raising, maintenance. See below for more detailed information and volunteer application.

All Services provided by Passages are Free & Confidential

Ada James Place

Ada James Place

Ada James is a 16 unit apartment housing complex. Ada James Place offers 8 2-bedroom units and 8 3-bedroom units for families with dependents under 18 years of age that need safe housing or low-income housing assistance. Passages, Inc and Ada James clients have access to an on-site laundry facility, free, no permit parking, free programs for children, on-site advocates for legal and medical assistance, transportation assistance for clients and children, wrap around services from Passages shelter to safe housing, Section 8 voucher program and owner paid utilities including water, electric, heat, A/C and sewer,and free trash/recyclable disposal. Passages, Inc. offers on-site support groups for youth and adult, a healing garden, volunteer opportunities, and a 24 hour crisis line.


For more information or to see if you qualify call 608-647-8775.

School Collaborations

School Collaborations

During the 2019/2020 school year Passages School Advocates met with nearly 150 students in 10 schools.  The students ranged from 1st grade through 12th grade and the schools were in Richland, Crawford, Vernon, Monroe, Grant, and Sauk Counties.


We call our school program P.I.P. which stands for Positive Intervention Program.


Our services provide Universal Support for all students, teachers, and staff as well as Tier 2 and Tier 3 Support.:


     One-on-one support, in-person or virtual

     Small group support, in person or virtual

     Classroom programs, both one and done and ongoing (in-person or virtual)

     All grade programs, in-person or virtual (if a school has more than one class in each grade we can work with each class           and/or all the classes in one grade)

     All school presentations (either assemblies or a resource table at a school event)

     Teacher support, one-on-one or small group

     Teacher/staff in-services and/or trainings


We are trained to lead groups on Healthy Relationships, Conflict Management, Self-Regulation, Listening Skills, Focusing, Verbal Skills, ACEs (the effect of Adverse Childhood Experiences on children's brain development and behavior), and Trauma Sensitive Schools (strategies for building self-healing communities and individual resilience).


We specialize in collaborating with schools to develop tailored programs to meet the wants and needs of a school in the moment.

Volunteer/Internship Opportunities

Volunteering is a great way to help a community. If you are interested in working with a non-profit that empowers individuals and families who have been affected by domestic abuse and/or sexual assault; Passages may be a great fit for you. There are many ways you can help. Some of the ways you could help are:

  • Provide transportation of survivors to/from appointments.

  • Assist with support groups (daycare for children and guest speakers).

  • Assist with sexual assault/abuse and teen dating school presentations.

  • Provide childcare while survivors attend support groups, in and out-of-shelter meetings, and off-site appointments. 

  • Assist in the preparation of sexual assault prevention and information materials. 

  • Interns from UW-Richland and Southwest Wisconsin Technical College (SWTC) – assist our advocates with whatever we need (ex: transportation, paperwork, accompanying clients to court or medical appointments.)

  • Helping clean and arrange our clothing and food rooms in the shelter. 

  • Free legal advocacy from the local Free Legal Clinic and Legal Action of WI and lawyers who do pro bono work for sexual assault survivors we work with. 

  • Setting up table displays in the community, such as the fair, and restocking information as needed. 

  • Putting together our tear-off bathroom posters and putting them throughout our three counties. 

  • Help with fundraising for our agency.

  • Helping clients to pack and move their belongings when moving from shelter or the transitional living unit.  

  • Crisis line and shelter staffing.

  • Gardening and general yard maintenance.

  • Maintenance

There are many opportunities for you to get involved in. If you have a special talent or skill, contact us and see how you can help us continue to empower and improve skills of those affected by violence. To learn more call 608-647-8775 or email at All volunteers are required to comply to a criminal and caregiver background check.

Click on file to open Passages, Inc Volunteer Application.

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