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Emergency Domestic Abuse Shelter

Passages, Inc. provides safe, comfortable living environment where shelter, food, clothing, and options counseling are provided free of charge. Passages does not refuse services based on race, color, national origin or ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, age, political belief or affiliation, disability or association with a person with a disability.

ANY adult in a situation where there is/was/may be danger of physical or emotional harm due to domestic violence or sexual abuse is eligible to receive shelter services.

Shelter screening and intake for victims/survivors, their children, and other dependents are designed to meet needs, not exclude from services. Passages does not impose conditions for admission into shelter such as criminal background checks, sobriety requirements, requirements to obtain certain legal remedies, or mental health or substance use disorder screenings. Passages evaluates each request for shelter services based on the victim/survivor's current situation and circumstances.

Never Too Full Policy:

A Never-Too-Full Policy ensures victims/survivor's of domestic violence or sexual abuse will have a safe place to go. One of the most unfortunate situations is telling a person they cannot stay at the shelter because it is full. This puts that person in greater danger. Saying Yes to a person who is not safe could safe a life. Shelter staff will use assessment tools to determine whether the Passages shelter is the right place for the person requesting to stay. If they do not qualify; the assessments will help guide that person in another direction of safety. However, he reason for a person to not be able to stay at Passages shelter will never be because it is full.


Passages believes in the empowerment of all.  Survivors need to know that they are not alone and not at fault for the abuse.  We ask Shelter residents to be supportive and respectful of each other during their time of transition and growth.  Staff are here to provide continuity, additional support, referral, information and advocacy.


It is the policy of Passages to provide services to all survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault/abuse without regard to race, color, religion, disability, sex, age, sexual orientation, or national origin.


All services provided by Passages are free of charge and confidential.

Safety & Security:

  1. Confidentiality of other Shelter residents is to be respected at all times; now and in the future.Telling someone outside of Shelter that someone is here, or details of their situation, endangers their safety, your safety, and the safety of everyone involved.

  2. All medications, whether prescription or other-the-counter, must be kept locked in your designated locker.Please inform staff of any allergies.

  3. Please sign out/in on the provided white board when leaving and when returning to Shelter.Please let staff know when you are leaving so they can lock the door behind you.

  4. Be aware of fire exits, location of fire extinguishers and escape routes.Signs are posted throughout Shelter.

  5. No one is allowed on upstairs balconies for safety reasons.


  1. Smoking is permitted outside, 20 feet from the building per WI Code.There is a designated smoking area located in the Garden.Please clean up your cigarette butts after each smoke.

  2. The parent has the sole responsibility for their children.Please supervise your children at all times.

  3. Each Shelter resident is responsible for their belongings.

  4. Children should be at school on-time.This is the parent’s responsibility.

  5. Pets are allowed in the Shelter.Ask staff concerning resources for pet care.

  6. Passages is not responsible for items left at Shelter.Items will be discarded after 30 days.

  7. Checking out upon departure from Shelter is to be done with a staff member.We ask that you complete a Survey to let us know about your stay.You can either complete Survey and drop off in mailbox outside office, or take it with you and mail it back upon completion using the stamped envelope provided.



No Violence:

  1. If there are personal problems or conflicts between Shelter residents, please speak with the Survivor Services Coordinator who may choose to hold a house meeting.We are here to be supportive of one another.

  2. Physical punishment and/or verbal abuse is NEVER permitted.




  1. Shelter residents are asked to help keep the Shelter neat and clean.

  2. Bed linens and towels must be washed on a regular basis; washer, dryer and laundry detergent are provided.

  3. Parents must supervise children while playing in the Toy Room.Please clean Toy Room after each use.

  4. Please label your food in the refrigerator and cabinet.No names on food means it is for communal use.

  5. No food or drink is allowed upstairs, in basement or in the living room; please use kitchen and dining room.

Not Allowed:

  1. Informing your abuser of this Shelter’s location is not allowed.This potentially endangers all residents, volunteers, and staff.

  2. The use of illegal drugs or alcoholic beverages is not allowed on Shelter grounds or building at any time.

  3. Weapons of any kind are not allowed.

  4. Abusive/threatening behavior is not allowed towards anyone.

  5. Shelter residents are not allowed to answer Shelter doors and/or phones.

  6. Smoking is not allowed inside the building, including upstairs balconies.

  7. Climbing on the rock walls is not allowed.Walking, climbing, playing outside the yard fence is not allowed.

What to Expect the First Few Days:

Day One:    Rest

Familiarize self (and family) with the Shelter.

Begin Intake process.  A 72-hour assessment will be initiated to determine if Passages’ Shelter is the best place for you.


Day Two:     Rest

Continue Intake process.


Day Three:  Rest

Complete Intake process.  If applicable, enroll children in school with the assistance of Shelter staff.

                   Meet the Youth Services Coordinator if you have a child in Shelter with you.

                   Meet the Court & Medical Systems Advocate and/or Legal Advocate if you have need of their services.

Residing at a Shelter is a new experience as you are separated from your familiar surroundings and sometimes from your loved ones.  We, at Passages, wish to make this transition as comfortable as possible for you.  Coming into Shelter is a tremendous step and you should be proud of your courage and strength!  We look forward to assisting you; we want to empower you in your decision-making process.  Our hope is that you receive the necessary tools to make confident, appropriate decisions regarding your future. 

If you'd like more information or to come to Passages shelter, please call 608-647-6317 or toll free at 800-236-4325.

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